What does a treatment look like in your office?

On our first appointment
... I ask a lot of questions that help me to get a comprehensive impression of you: your history and current situation, your well-being and your wishes regarding the therapy. It is important to me to take a lot of time for this, as the therapy will later build on this information.
Usually, there is not just one cause, and the more influences we know, the more targeted we can design the therapy.

This is followed by an detailed physical examination and osteopathic treatment.
Finally, we discuss how we will proceed.
Depending on the symptoms, I may also prescribe herbal remedies or give you self-exercises to take at home. On the following appointments
... I ask how you reacted to the last treatment, what has changed, what has become better. This is followed by another physical examination and osteopathic treatment. For the first appointment I plan about 1.5 hours, for each following appointment about an hour.

I have the following issue, am I right with you?

I treat a wide range of ailments in my practice. This includes:

  • women issues:
    menstrual issues such as PMS (premenstrual syndrome), cramps, very heavy or weak bleeding, irregular cycles, menopausal symptoms<
  • the musculoskeletal system:
    neck and back pain, muscle and joint problems, pain after accidents, operations or injuries, sports-related complaints
  • concerning the head:
    headache, dizziness, jaw discomfort, "strained" eyes
  • digestion and energy balance:
    abdominal pain, food intolerance, bloating, stool irregularities, susceptibility to infections, stress and exhaustion, sleep disorders

Do I have to bring anything or consider beforehand?

You don't have to pay attention to anything beforehand.
As a rule, if that's okay with you, the treatment takes place in underwear. So please wear underwear that you feel comfortable in. After the treatment, it makes sense to have some free time and not have to go straight to the next appointment. People react very differently to the treatment and it may happen that you need a moment to recover. If you have documents such as blood counts, doctor reports or x-rays, please bring them with you.

How much does treatment cost?

I charge € 80 per treatment. How many appointments we will need depends very much on the diagnose and the background story. Private health insurances cover the costs in full or in part, depending on your contract. Some public health insurances subsidize osteopathic treatments in full or in part.
It is best to ask your health insurance company before starting therapy. Some health insurers request a referral for osteopathy from a doctor in advance. The fees are to be paid regardless of whether or not your health insurance company will cover them. The fees are exempt from sales tax according to § 4 (14) UStG.

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